UPDATED: Argument Two: Fuck You, Nate (Music and Lyrics)

Me and a friend of mine are having a debate. I say, “having” because fuck you, Nate, I’m stopping just because you went home? Yeah, right. Think you can beat me with your black Magic deck I’ll just give up. Nay, sir, nay!

“Music doesn’t need lyrics. Lyrics tell you what to think. I’m smart enough to think for myself. Also Thomas I only beat you ’cause I cheated at Magic. I’m so sorry.” — Nate (paraphrased) 

This is the second of his music claims. Continue reading


Argument One: Fuck You, Nate (Music and Lyrics)

“I think that writing music is harder than writing lyrics. All you need to do to write lyrics is know how to rhyme. Also you are so handsome, Thomas, I bow before your might.” — Nate(paraphrased)

Yeah, Nate, I know. But aside from that bit about me being handsome, I disagree with him. I can’t argue that music or lyrics are harder to write since I can only write terrible versions of both. (And find it much easier to write music, but hey that’s me.)

This article, essay, thesis, this is me arguing back — specifically that “all you need to do to write lyrics is know how to rhyme.” This is part one of our argument fucker! I hope you reply in the comments so I can rebuttal again ’cause this is a great discussion/argument/whatever. Onward! Continue reading