Hellboy Rises: The Last Stand

I feel, when I’m watching Hellboy, like I’m walking around a beautiful garden in Italy, with sculptures by famous Renaissance artists whose name I don’t know and don’t care about, being in awe of the beauty, in ecstasy .. while my friend wanders around burping and laughing about South Park.* It’s so boring and bad because of the main character, Blandy McNoName… You know, the cute-ish white guy who falls in love with the weird girl. (Who strangely ends up with a large red guy with a goatee. So that’s neat.) The first movie is boring and bad but with potential; like a weirdo kid hiding his neatness for fear of being made fun of or hurt; it’s the Good Will Hunting of weirdo movies. Continue reading


Jamie Foxx is Black! (And People, For Some Reason, Care)

To me Jamie Foxx is a great actor. He was great in Collateral, I loved Django Unchained, and he’s the only reason I can sit through Ray without biting my tongue off.

But to some people he’s not a great actor — he’s a great Black actor. Continue reading