Miles Morales: MCU’s Spider-Man?

Okay, so here’s a thought I’ve not had in awhile, but the recent racism about Michael B. Jordan brought it back up. What if Miles can be used in the MCU?

I know it might not seem to make sense at first but hear me out. Let’s start at the beginning — we already know that the MCU using characters that are already licensed to other companies, like Quicksilver being in both Days of Future Past and Avengers 2. And we know the rights are not to the comic in its entirety and all characters who debut in it, or else when Sony licensed Spider-Man, they would have gotten the Punisher as well (as he debuted in Amazing Spider-Man). And lastly I just don’t see how they could have licensed Miles Morales as he did not even exist when Sony licensed Spider-Man.* Granted he is still Spider-Man but we are talking about people who figured out a way to legally get around a higher tariff on their X-Men toys by calling them non-human; so I think Marvel might have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Similar to how they are having Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch but not calling them mutants, I think they could pull Miles Morales off in the MCU… just maybe not call him Spider-Man.

But what would having Miles in the MCU mean? Well, first it’d mean Spider-Man, if not in name, and to me that’s good news! A Spider-Man in the Avengers? Heck yeah! Also, more importantly, people complain all the time about how MCU has almost zero diversity. Sure Black Widow does exist and there’s Black Fury but then there’s Whiron Man, Thor the Aryan, Captain America the Other Aryan, and Bruce I Turn Green Banner. But even Bruce I Turn Green Banner’s white! All of the main MCU characters have been white so far — and sure we’re getting the Falcon which is nice and there’s rumors about a Black Panther movie but to have Spider-Man (or a character that is not legally called Spider-Man but he sure spins a web and catches thieves just like flies) be black? That would do wonders for them. Having one of the most popular characters be a PoC? I mean there’d still be issues (#where’s my black widow movie?**) but it would do wonders for them.

So I’m not sure if this is even legally allowable or how many hoops that they’d have to jump through but I for one would love to see MIles Morales in the MCU***.


* Which, to me, also brings up an interesting question. Could they use characters that Dan Slott created, such as Max Modell — or anyone else at Horizon Labs. Could Horizon Labs even be in the Sony flicks? What about Carlie Cooper? Or what about JMS’ Ezekial? I feel that they would’ve been able to use characters such as this with impunity before the MCU debuted but now, what with it wanting to create a full-fledged Marvel Universe, Marvel might try a little harder to keep these characters to themselves.

** Which I don’t even care about that much. Give me a goddamn Colonel Carol Warbird/Captain Marvel Danvers movie al-fucking-ready. (My problem is not with ScarJo or Black Widow except no yes it is because Black Widow DOESN’T HAVE ANY FUCKING SUPERPOWERS! I WANT A SUPERPOWERED FEMALE SUPERHERO!)

*** Or even in the Sony flicks. Andrew Garfield’ll get bored at some point. Bring in Venom as Flash. Bring in Ben Reilly. Bring in Miles. Hell, if you’re doing one Spidey flick a year, bring in Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099 despite no one knowing who the hell he is.


Donate Your Toys: On Racebending

Picture this — you’re a fourteen year old kid. You have a PS4, a PS3, a PS2 and all of the dumb XBOXes. You have dozens of toys  — more than you could use. Just literally covered in toys. Picture it? How would you react if someone wanted those toys for charity?

Would you whine? Would you scream and insist their not anyone but yours? Or would you realize, “Hey, maybe I have more than enough toys?” If you’re a Marvel fanboy, not the second one! Continue reading

UPDATED: Argument Two: Fuck You, Nate (Music and Lyrics)

Me and a friend of mine are having a debate. I say, “having” because fuck you, Nate, I’m stopping just because you went home? Yeah, right. Think you can beat me with your black Magic deck I’ll just give up. Nay, sir, nay!

“Music doesn’t need lyrics. Lyrics tell you what to think. I’m smart enough to think for myself. Also Thomas I only beat you ’cause I cheated at Magic. I’m so sorry.” — Nate (paraphrased) 

This is the second of his music claims. Continue reading

Argument One: Fuck You, Nate (Music and Lyrics)

“I think that writing music is harder than writing lyrics. All you need to do to write lyrics is know how to rhyme. Also you are so handsome, Thomas, I bow before your might.” — Nate(paraphrased)

Yeah, Nate, I know. But aside from that bit about me being handsome, I disagree with him. I can’t argue that music or lyrics are harder to write since I can only write terrible versions of both. (And find it much easier to write music, but hey that’s me.)

This article, essay, thesis, this is me arguing back — specifically that “all you need to do to write lyrics is know how to rhyme.” This is part one of our argument fucker! I hope you reply in the comments so I can rebuttal again ’cause this is a great discussion/argument/whatever. Onward! Continue reading

Occupy Gezi


The only reason Facebook is not a parasitic, life-infecting cockroach that cannot be stopped short of a nuclear winter and Hell on Earth is because it occasionally allows people to actually learn something about wha tthe fuck is going on around them, in ways that controlled-information-dispensation places, such as newspapers, television media and even news-focused websites, do not. This is one of those times. Continue reading

Hellboy Rises: The Last Stand

I feel, when I’m watching Hellboy, like I’m walking around a beautiful garden in Italy, with sculptures by famous Renaissance artists whose name I don’t know and don’t care about, being in awe of the beauty, in ecstasy .. while my friend wanders around burping and laughing about South Park.* It’s so boring and bad because of the main character, Blandy McNoName… You know, the cute-ish white guy who falls in love with the weird girl. (Who strangely ends up with a large red guy with a goatee. So that’s neat.) The first movie is boring and bad but with potential; like a weirdo kid hiding his neatness for fear of being made fun of or hurt; it’s the Good Will Hunting of weirdo movies. Continue reading


When you hear of the All-Star Trinity of DC comics, you think of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This is, of course, not a lie per se but not really true. I mean after all she was featured with them in the Trinity series. And she’s listed among them — though nowhere near as much time is devoted to her — in Kingdom Come. And I guess you know she might eventually get an All-Star comic along the lines of the Batman and Superman ones. But of course we all know that the real Trinity of DC is just Batman and Superman.

So what gives? How come Wonder Woman is the “most popular female character,” the most widely known but no one gives a shit? First a little bit of (brief, shallow) history on her. Continue reading