Quickie Time! Comic Recs

Lots of stuff going on in my life so right now instead of writing an awesome, full length article talking about how Wonder Woman’s porn outfit is more close to her classical look than the tv version’s and that’s why the show failed, I’m just going to recommend some things!


Here’s my pull list! Instead of being like, “This comic is great,” I’m going to show you what I’m reading and buying. So first — pull list.

Ballistic – Darick Robertson and Adam Egypt Mortimer
Darick was what got my attention. The description is what got me hooked to the idea, specifically: “and his best-friend Gun, a drug-addicted, foul-mouthed, living gun.”
Batman  – Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
My favorite Batbooks, Batwriter, Bateverything. Oh my god, the best. And now Year Zero?! Yes.
Bedlam – Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo
Amazing. Imagine Castle but Castle is a redeemed supervillian thought dead for a long time who massacred children for kicks now trying to help the police… without letting on he was the supervillain. It’s not the best of Spencer’s books, not the best supervillain-gone-good story but it’s definitely great. Only on issue seven and the first trade just came out.
Chew – John Layman and Rob Guillory
I… Don’t know what to say if you haven’t read this. The most entertaining, interesting and original comic book ever.
Clive Barker’s Next Testament – Clive Barker and Haemi Jang
Okay… I do not know what this comic is about. It looks pretty and Clive Barker is doing it.
Joe Hills Thumbprint – Joe Hill and Vic Malhotra
I don’t know what this one is about either and am just going on creator and hoping to be surprised.
Jupiters Legacy – Mark Millar and Frank Quietly
Something something child of superheroes? Something something Mark Millar/Frank Quietly.
Kick-ass 3 – Mark Millar and John Romita
It’s the third Kick-Ass. Come on.
Locke & Key: Omega – Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
Best comic book. Best horror book. If I had only three books to recommend to people, it’d be this, Chew and Spider-Man. Because, you know, Spider-Man.
Morning Glories – Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma
This would be the fourth one. It’s amazing and beautiful and I cannot describe it. Like LOST? Like the Invisible? Like the Runaways? Like comics? Like mysteries? Like not being not entertained? It’s amazing, beginning its second “season” now.
Polarity – Max Bemis and Jorge Coelho
Erhm… Okay so something about a weird… not-superhero? For a third time, just going with creator. Max Bemis, songwriter/creator of Say Anything is writing it. I’m pulling it and might drop it, probably not though ’cause it’s only four issues.
Saga – Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples
Best art. Brian K. Vaughn’s a genius. Not every comic book has an assassin spider-lady and a flying ghost of a child. It’s a great fantasy comic about two lover-lorn parents from opposite sides of a galaxy ravaged world and their daughter, narrating their story and escape from the prison where he worked and she was captive.
Super Dinosaur – Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard
So it’s called Super Dinosaur. Guess what it is about?
Superior Foes of Spider-Man – Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber
Something about Spider-Man’s random lower villains teaming up to pull a heist? I loved Spencer’s previous Marvel work so I’m giving this one (and Polarity and Super Dino. a shot!)
The Wake – Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy
A darkness in the deep. Monsters. Magic. Horror.
I’m also just grabbing Superior Spider-Man (Dan Slott) and hopping back and forth on Ultimate Spider-Man (Brian Michael Bendis) and Ultimate X-Men (Various).

Here are the trades I’m grabbing this week when I go to get my comics!

Yes, shut up. I know. I’ve never read it, I loved the game and no seriously shut up, also Carnage is not the best super villain but he’s one of them.

Kraven’s Last Hunt – J. M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck
I’m not reading all the way through Amazing Spider-Man, not every issue. not all of them, because there are a lot of cross-overs. So for stuff like this, or Maximum Carnage above, or the Clone Wars, I skip to the next issue and read from there. I decided during this crossover to start the not-reading-all-the-way through thing because I heard this arc was just so fucking amazing and knew I’d be buying it.*

Nextwave – Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen
Things blow-up. People go kaboom. It’s awesome.

The Invisibles – Grant Morrison and Various*
Is the best and my most favouritest of comics. It’s not my Bible only because I’m a coward and cannot call it that. It’s amazing. I’m not buying the big-ass bomb version but the smaller versions so I can carry them around without dying or having a hernia.

Blankets – Craig Thompson 
This is one of the best books I’ve read, just ever. It’s amazing and beautiful and heartbreaking and sad and if there’s a better case for comic books as art yes, there might be but I don’t care because this is the best example.

Morning Glories vol. 1 – Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma
I lost the first volume to a friend that my genital’s friend wanted to send it to. (Was the friend’s birthday; we’re short on money and Morning Glories is awesome.) So this week I’m going to go get another version.

Batman Inc. New 52 version vol. 1 — Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham
It’s the beginning of the end of Morrison on monthlies, of course I’m going to get this. Also — spoiler alert — since I heard Damian died I’ve just fucking needed to read this.

I’m going to wrap this up with one more thing! Webcomics I read!

A dirty, sexy funny comic about weird medieval adventures. Game of Thrones if you were on acid and trying to watch it while simultaneously watching its porn parody. A recurring character is talking semen.

Questionable Content
Not really questionable, lots of content with over 2000 pages. More of a web comic strip than a web comic book but amazing. Bunch of indie kids fucking around and also there are robots.

Menage a Trois
Sexy/funny comic about friends who fuck.

Sin Titulo
Best web comic book I’ve ever read. Finished now, by Cameron Stewart of hell lots of stuff.

Love it. Just go read it. Can’t describe it.

The most wordy goddamn comic of all. It’s amazing and beautifully done and I still don’t know if it has anything resembling an update schedule.

Cyanide and Happiness
Lots of weird, cynical humor. Frequently hosts a depressing comic’s week wherein a girl listens to her dead boyfriend’s last voicemail to her… and that’s the whole comic. Not a lot more you can say when there’s a recurring superhero named Seizure Man and a recurring bad guy named the Purple Shirted Stabber.


* Yeah, I kinda steal comics online. But then I buy them. Not a single trade mentioned above did I start reading legally!

* This makes Various sound like a weird-ass pseudonym.


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