When you hear of the All-Star Trinity of DC comics, you think of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This is, of course, not a lie per se but not really true. I mean after all she was featured with them in the Trinity series. And she’s listed among them — though nowhere near as much time is devoted to her — in Kingdom Come. And I guess you know she might eventually get an All-Star comic along the lines of the Batman and Superman ones.¬†But of course we all know that the real Trinity of DC is just Batman and Superman.

So what gives? How come Wonder Woman is the “most popular female character,” the most widely known but no one gives a shit? First a little bit of (brief, shallow) history on her. Continue reading


Jamie Foxx is Black! (And People, For Some Reason, Care)

To me Jamie Foxx is a great actor. He was great in Collateral, I loved Django Unchained, and he’s the only reason I can sit through Ray without biting my tongue off.

But to some people he’s not a great actor — he’s a great¬†Black actor. Continue reading